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How to Deal with Brand Hate
Managerial Strategies to Prevent and Counteract Brand Crises

Brand hate is a ubiquitous phenomenon and may entail detrimental consequences, such as damaging a brand's image or decreasing a company's financial value. Therefore, the aim of this article is to pro-vide managerial guidelines on how to deal with brand hate and result-ing brand crises. For this purpose, the author categorizes the diverse manifestations of brand hate by means of a 2x2 matrix (online vs. of-fline environment, individual vs. collective level) and discusses in detail collective level anti-branding activities because they are considered to have the most severe consequences. Regarding the management of brand crises, the author provides practical recommendations how managers can prevent and handle them. Using Situational Crisis Communication Theory (SCCT) as a framework, the author highlights the importance of matching crisis type and strategy and derives con-crete implications with regard to boycotts and online firestorms. Finally, a case study of Nestlés social media crisis expounds on the lessons managers may learn in order to better deal with severe brand crises.

How to Deal with Brand Hate

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